Proflyers : welcome !

zerOGravity’s mission: create a unique place where you can improve, challenge yourself and share amazing moments around our passion for flying.

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Our game plan?

  • A team who loves to fly and aspires to make zerOGravity a place of excellency and creativity on the French sports scene.
  • A smooth and powerful airflow, made in ISG
  • A dedicated space, the mezzanine, with a 270° view on the tunnel, two debrief rooms, a creeper pad, a co-working space, a chill zone, a library, toilets and showers.
  • A cosy bar & snacking area, with healthy, tasty good local products.

You leave nearby?

Take the opportunity to fly regularly! Join one of our “clubs”, participate in our theme evenings, and make indoor skydiving your new sport, your new community!

You are coming from a little further?

You’re arriving from Paris or Bordeaux ? You’re only 1h15 away by train or 2h30 by car from your favorite tunnel!
Around us at walking distance, a wide choice of hotels / lodging for all budgets. Get in touch with us for smart advice!

You want to bring your family?

There are plenty of activities around zerOGravity for everyone to have a great time: Futuroscope amusement park of course, the Arena omnisport concert hall with over 110 shows and sport events lined up every year, and soon an artificial wave at walking distance !

Proflyers prices

Prices are available on our online store.

Offre futurOGravity ✅ Volez à zerOGravity et bénéficiez d’une remise de 5️⃣0️⃣% sur votre entrée le même jour au Futuroscope❗️Nos baptêmes