chute libre indoor groupes et familles

Pack Tribe+

Good deal !

Flights to share with the family with photos included, to download.

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You want to give wind tunnel flying a try with your tribe, take advantage of our special group offers: packs SharingIsCaring, pack Tribe, or Tribe+

As a group (Pack SharingIsCaring)

Come fly in groups, from 4 to 13 persons, and share the experience during the same half hour class.

Ex : Mox, Dave, Anna and Domi book their flights as a group. They will all fly twice, and benefit a 12% discount.

As a family (Pack Tribe)

To have several generations fly together is always a unique moment. Those offers are for family members (3 to 5 persons, including at least one kid <12) 2 flights each, during the same half hour class.
Share an unforgettable moment, why not amongst grandparents and grandchildren ?


A few price examples