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about the flying experience

Safety is our number one priority

Is it mandatory to attend the pre-flight briefing?

It is mandatory indeed. During the briefing, your instructor will provide important informations, such as safety rules, flying procedure, or communication signs. You’ll also be able to test out the flying position. A video will also help you picturing what’s to come.
If you’ve already done a first-time flight with us within the past month, you can skip the briefing, even though we strongly recommend you follow it once more as a refresher.

Is it safe?

Yes! You are flying in a controlled environment. Our facilities were designed to guarantee the safest experience.
Our absolute priority is our flyers safety. But rest assured, there will still be adrenaline involved!

Who’s in charge of my safety?

There’s constantly two experienced instructors in charge of your safety during all your flights. The first one with you in the airflow, to help you fly and correct your position if need be. The second one, in the driving booth, controls and adjusts the wind based on your morphology.

All our instructors hold a CQP rating (French indoor skydiving instructor diploma). They are responsible for your safety.

What happens in case of a power outage?

The volume of air in movement is huge. In the very unlikely event of a blackout, the strong fan inertia allows for a controlled descent toward the net. And your instructor is by your side at all times to keep you safe.

Your first flight

How long is a flight

A first flight experience is composed of two separate flights. Each flight lasts 1 minute, the equivalent of a 14000ft altitude skydive.
One first flight experience at zerOGravity hence equals to 2 skydives freefall time!
The overall experience in the facilities will last between 1h30 and 2h, depending on the size of your group and/or the amount of flying you want to do.

At what age can you start flying?

You need to be above 5years old to experience indoor skydiving, and there is no maximum age.
Children aged 5-11 years need to be accompanied by a responsible adult, and 12-17 years olds need to provide a parental authorization.

Who can fly?

No prior experience is necessary, everyone can fly !
No need to be a full time athlete, a first time flight is accessible to anyone !

What conditions are unadvisable to fly with?

We advise you not to fly if you have previously suffered from shoulder dislocation, heart disease, back or neck problems, or if you’re pregnant.

What about people with special needs?

If you suffer from a handicap, you can still fly with us!
Since every case is specific, please contact us before booking your flight, so we can make sure we can offer you the best possible experience.

Is there a maximum weight?

For safety reasons, we might not be able to let people over 265 pounds fly (or 230 pounds if under 5.9ft). If that is your case, contact us before booking your flight.

Can I fly with anyone else?

For safety reasons, a first-time flight focuses on one single flyer. Only your instructor can be in the tunnel with you. You can book time with friends and family and fly during the same session, watching each other fly one after the other, but you won’t be inside the tunnel at the same time.
If you come with friends and family who do not fly today, they can cosy up in the couches around the tunnel and watch you fly live!

What should I wear to fly?

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes: trousers, t-shirt, sports shoes, anything that allows you to move freely. You won’t have to change out of your clothes, simply put on a flight suit over what you are wearing.
Open shoes (flip flops, etc…) or stilettos are forbidden. If need be, we can lend you some sports shoes. Gloves aren’t necessary.

Do I need to remove jewelry/watch before flying?

Yes, you will need to remove all pieces of jewelry: necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, anything that could break or come loose during your flight.
Lockers will be at your disposal to store any personal effect.
If you have a ring you cannot take off, we’ll provide a glove to cover it.

I am wearing glasses / contact lenses, can I fly?

No worries ! If you wear glasses, we will provide goggles large enough to cover your personal glasses.

What is included in my first flight experience?

On top of the flying time, your experience includes all the gear you need (suit, rated helmet, flying goggles, and ear-plugs), a briefing in our classroom before your flight, a dedicated instructor for your class, a debriefing and a diploma.

Is it hard to breathe?

For the vast majority of people, there is no difficulty whatsoever. The feeling is similar to riding a motorbike wearing an open face helmet.
In very rare cases, some people can have a harder time breathing, mostly due to the fear they might struggle to breath. All you need to do is relax, smile, and enjoy your flight to ease your breathing difficulty. Breathing through your nose, instead of your mouth, also help make the discomfort disappear.

I suffer from vertigo. Can I fly anyway?

Absolutely. You are about to experience the feeling of free-fall, without having to jump from heights.
You enter the airflow through a door at the floor level, and will be flying at about hips level of your standing instructor.

What if I am claustrophobic?

You will be flying in a large flight chamber, with see-through walls, so it’s unlikely to trigger a claustrophobic fit. Should you feel uneasy at any point, your instructor is there to assist you and help you out of the tunnel if need be.

Anything else?

For safety reasons, our furry friends are not allowed in the facility (with the exception of service dogs). We thank you for your understanding.
You are not allowed to fly under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

Towards autonomy / proflyer

How do I become a proflyer?

Once you have reached flying autonomy, you will be considered a Proflyer and be able to take advantage of our special OGflyers prices.
This means being able to fly unassisted, and perform basic maneuvers on your belly such as going up and down, turn left and right, move forward and backward. This usually takes about 30 minutes, but varies based on potential skydiving experience, age, and other sports experience.

What’s the minimum time I can book as a proflyer?

Minimum booking time for proflyers are 10 minutes flights blocks. A session last 30 minutes and you might share it with other proflyers or first-timers.

Can I fly in the tunnel with a rig on?

You can, but you’ll need to wear a special cover on it so no handles catch the wind.

Reservation and bookings

Useful information

Is zerOGravity an attraction located inside Futuroscope amusement Park?

No, zerOGravity is a private structure, located at 50m from the main entrance of the Park, and has a separate ticketing.

Are pets allowed inside zerOGravity building?

Unfortunately, for safety reasons, pets are not allowed inside our location, except for guide and assistance dogs.

Is the parking free?

Yes, parking is free of charge for all our clients. If you have parked your car in the Futuroscope parking lot, we will validate your exit ticket. Please contact our front desk.


I received a gift voucher, how should I proceed?
Click on the « Redeem voucher » button at the top right of this site. Enter the number of this coupon and follow the instructions. Please remember to bring this voucher with you, and show up at the reception desk no later than 1 hour before your time slot.
How long is my voucher / gift certificate valid for?

Vouchers and gift certificates are valid for 9 months starting from the buying date.

Do I need to print and bring my online vouchers?

We advise that you print your voucher and bring it to reception upon arrival.
To make the registration process smoother, we recommend that you fill up your information online before coming to the tunnel. You’ll then only have to sign on our electronic tablets when you get there.

When should I get there?

Please make sure you arrive at the reception desk at least one hour before your flying time, allowing 30min for a chilled registration process, and 30min to change and get your briefing.
Your check-in time will be specified on your booking voucher. If you have any doubts, please get in touch with us!
Be mindful that you won’t be able to fly if you miss the briefing.

Do I need a reservation?

To guarantee your preferred flying timeslot is available, we strongly recommend that you book ahead of time.

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