Dare to fly!

The zerOGravity experience is open to everyone*!
From 5 years old**, as a family or a group of friends, able-bodied or person with special needs, you will fly safely with our certified instructors.

*only a few specific physical restrictions apply, see our «FAQ» section.
**from 5 to 18, a parental authorization is necessary, and a responsible adult must be present.

What to expect for your first time at zerOGravity?

Your safety is our priority.
On arrival, meet with our team at the front desk to check in. Your dedicated instructor will then take over and accompany you throughout the entire experience.
First step: gear up! We are providing everything you need to fly: suit, goggles, helmets, earplugs…

Flight Briefing.
Then you’re off to the briefing room, where your instructor will explain everything you need to know : the different steps of the experience, the body position you’ll need to adopt, the safety rules and the communication signs. Your instructor is here to answer all the questions you may have. Don’t be shy!

Action time.
You are at the door step of the tunnel. You can already feel the power of the wind. A thumbs up from your instructor, you get in. He helps stabilize you on the air, corrects your position if needs be, and makes sure you enjoy yourself!

You’re flying!
The experience is intense and sensation-rich, and you improve really quickly.
Two flights allow you to enjoy fully and learn as much as you can.

For the most adventurous, thrill your flight with the zerOG option!


After your session, share a moment with your instructor to debrief your flight and share how you felt about the experience.
Depending on the options you’ve selected, you will also have the possibility to get the video edit of your flight, and/or photos. When you’re done flying, you are more than welcome to hang out, having a drink, a bite, or just enjoying the show.


You’re coming as a family or with a group of friends? Check out our special offers.

Come fly again!

You’ve done your first flights with us and you want to come and fly again, even learn how to fly as a sport?
Check out our special offers.

Progression 4′, 6′ , 10′ and 20′ packs available for sale, allowing you to reach flight autonomy, and become a PROFLYER !